Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor at our show!  Below is all the information you'll need to register and participate in our Montana Made Wedding Fair!   Please make sure you review all the information in the registration packet, so you're fully prepared.



May 1, 2018 -        Registration Opens for BWA members.  

                               Limited spaces available in each category.

                               Once spaces are full in a category, we'll begin a wait list for that category.

                               Admission is first come, first serve.

June 1, 2018  -   Registration Opens to non-BWA members

                               We will open up the limited categories to additional vendors.

                               This is an effort to allow a wide variety of vendors to be present.


All BWA members booths are $250.  Yes.  ONLY $250.  This means we're not making money off the event, nor do we have a large advertising budget.  As a participating vendor, you are signing on to help promote the event as well.  You will be expected to list the event on your business & personal social media pages, email your client database, AND talk about the event regularly!   We are offering volunteer opportunities to vendors to assist with setup & teardown to receive $50 off booth fees.  Strict guidelines need to be met to qualify for this discount.


Non-members booths are $650.  Meaning, if you qualify to be a BWA member (are a Ravalli, Missoula, or Mineral county business, doing business in the Bitterroot Valley), it's in your best interest to become a member of our association and then join our show!



Registration will be done completely online.  Click REGISTRATION to submit your request for a booth space!   Remember, there are a limited number of booth spaces in each vendor category, to make this the show more appealing to brides (and avoid having the show be 50% of one vendor type!)  So you will want to register right away to make sure you get your foot in the door.  


NOTE IF YOU ARE NOT A BWA MEMBER:   Those who operate a business within Ravalli, Missoula or Mineral County are eligible for membership, and are encouraged to join the BWA!  (Click HERE to join).  You DO have the option to become a member first, and then submit your booth registration, to be considered along with our other BWA members (May 1 - May 31).  If you are not eligible for BWA membership, booth fees are listed above, and booth applications will be considered after June 1, based on availability.


We aren't like other Wedding Fairs - we have low booth fees, and a low marketing budget.  As a participating vendor, part of keeping the show's booth fees low include grass roots marketing on YOUR part.  YOU are responsible for getting brides to the show.  In our monthly BWA newsletters, we'll send suggestions for reaching out to potential clients, using Facebook marketing, and other social media outlets to help promote this show!  Don't worry - we'll give you guidance if needed!  We're relying on your outreach to encourage the brides to attend. 


Here's our printable map of the venue layout from last year, so you can visualize which booth space you want.  Booth placement and numbers are subject to change based on number of vendors, and additions we make to the show.


We are having a "best booth" contest, but we simply are trying to encourage everyone to create a fantastic professional display - more than just a 6' table with fliers on it!  We've started a Pinterest board, and encourage you to check it out if you need inspiration on crafting a memorable booth space.  Our show isn't expensive - so use that savings to invest in a booth space that you can use at all future wedding fairs.  We want to be known as the best wedding fair in the state - that requires our vendors putting in a lot of effort to make their booths impressive.  We also plan on turning this show into a juried show in a few years, so your booth display DOES matter for the future. 


Curious about load-in, load-out, show timing, rules, and regulations?  This workbook will be continually updated as more information becomes available.  This handbook will be revised for the 2018 show.