Why should I make the drive?
For starters, we set up our vendor registration in a way that ensures a wide variety of vendor types, in up to 24 categories!  This means you're far more likely to find everything you need in one place!  We are the best show for the bride who is serious about finding professional vendors, but also wants to enjoy planning their wedding in a relaxed and fun environment.
Do I need a big budget to hire these vendors?
Our vendors work with all budgets!  Even though you might be hosting a potluck wedding in your backyard, there will be rental companies that would still provide your tables & chairs.  And those that have a limitless budget will find high-end vendors as well!  Western Montana has some amazing vendors who service a wide variety of client budgets.
What is Bridal Haus?
Bridal Haus Consignment Boutique is a company that consigns wedding decor & bridal wear on behalf of recent brides.  If you got married, and have a lot of miscellaneous decor, linens, attire, etc., consider selling it through Bridal Haus!  They set up shop, sell your items for you, and give you the proceeds!  It's a lot easier than trying to sell all your items individually through Craigslist or Facebook!  Read more about Bridal Haus HERE.


What is the Western Montana Wedding Association?
We're a group of local wedding & event vendors who work together to bring more attention to Western Montana!  We believe Western Montana and the Bitterroot Valley is a hidden gem, and we want to make it more accessible to potential brides!   By making it easier to find & book vendors, we're working on growing the number of events booked here every year.
How do I plan for this event?
If you're a bride, the best way to plan for this event is to KNOW YOUR BUDGET!  If you know how much you can spend with each vendor, you're able to book vendors right at the show!  If you don't know your budget, and you book vendors without seeing how that affects the overall picture, you're likely to blow through your overall wedding budget.
Can I bring friends?
We suggest bringing your support team!  Whether that's the groom, your mom, or your maid of honor, we welcome them all!  You should bring the people that understand your goals and support your wedding dreams.  Sometimes bringing a large entourage can be a hindrance, so we suggest bringing the people who can be serious about your plans, and who "get" you!
Is this show just for planning a wedding?
Absolutely not!  ALL of our vendors would be happy to help you plan any kind of event!  From anniversary parties, birthdays, proms, and more!  We welcome event planners of all types.